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THINK DIFFERENT, is a firm that provides solutions to the hassles of her numerous clients in peculiar ways. The company was founded in 2012 as the Commercial importer of goods/ building materials by Adedamola Olubode. This company imports good, quality, unique, durable and affordable products majorly from Korea.

Think Different always import and market best quality interior and exterior wares. Our aim is to create new value and benefit of goods, by developing tiny idea in an effort to release any inconveniences, and enhances customer satisfaction.

To be the most innovative, best run and profitable solution provider in Nigeria, combining rare professional skills with quality products to offer solution to our numerous clients.

To provide both legacy and critical mission business with emphasis on service quality and deployment of highly reliable leading products.

Our team comprises of members that have integrity and proven record in the assisted area by certified technical and business development personnel to deliver first class services to your door step.

Responsiveness, Flexibility, Competitive pricing and total support, all geared towards customer satisfaction.
Our thinking differentiates us from the others round the globe

Our firm offers extremely different services because we think deep differently. It is a policy of our firm that the work of all clients be assigned to a partner for his personal interest and attention at all time. However all jobs are reviewed at our joint meetings and we are answerable for all actions. The lists of services include but not limited to the following:

Execlusive Luxury Modular Mat
Execlusive Luxury Easy Fix Canopy
Digital Door Key
Enterpack Machine
Speed Breaker (road) with cable trunk
channels to avoid cutting of road.
Mosquito wipes
Sanitary pad
Sample video of Enterpack machine
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